Course Curriculum

Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council
Code Course Name Model Curriculum QPS Name
AAS/Q3103 Aerospace Structural Engineer - Designer Download Download
AAS/Q3106 Aerospace Design Assistant Mechanical Download Download
Agriculture Skill Council of India
Code Course Name Model Curriculum QPS Name
AGR/Q0101 Paddy Farmer Download Download
AGR/Q0102 Wheat Cultivator Download Download
AGR/Q0103 Maize Cultivator Download Download
AGR/Q0104 Pulses Cultivator Download Download
AGR/Q0201 Soyabean Cultivator Download Download
AGR/Q0202 Cotton Cultivator Download Download
AGR/Q0203 Sugarcane Cultivator Download Download
AGR/Q0204 Jute and Mesta Cultivator Download Download
AGR/Q0301 Banana farmer Download Download
AGR/Q0304 Vineyard Grower Download Download
AGR/Q0305 Vineyard Worker Download Download
AGR/Q0306 Makhana Grower Cum Processor Download Download
AGR/Q0307 Temperate Fruit Grower(Options: Apple / Pear, Peach and Plum / Kiwi) Download Download
AGR/Q0308 Orchard Worker Download Download
AGR/Q0309 Tropical/Subtropical Fruit Grower (Options: Pomegranate/ Mango/ Banana/ Citrus Fruits/ Guava/ Ber) Download Download
AGR/Q0402 Solanaceous crop cultivator Download Download
AGR/Q0404 Vegetable Grower(Electives: Cole Crops / Leafy Vegetables / Salad Vegetables / Root Vegetables /Cucurbit Crops / Solanaceous Crops / Pod Vegetables / Bulb Vegetables /Perennial Vegetables / Tuber Vegetables / Okra) Download Download
AGR/Q0501 Coffee plantation worker Download Download
AGR/Q0502 Tea plantation worker Download Download
AGR/Q0503 Coconut Grower Download Download
AGR/Q0504 Friends of Coconut Tree Download Download
AGR/Q0505 Neera Technician Download Download
AGR/Q0603 Spice Crop cultivator Download Download
AGR/Q0701 Floriculturist - Open cultivation Download Download
AGR/Q0703 Florist_v2 Download Download
AGR/Q0704 Flower Handler-Packaging & Pelletising_v2 Download Download
AGR/Q0801 Gardener_v2 Download Download
AGR/Q0806 Interior Landscaper N/A Download
AGR/Q0807 Nursery Worker_v2 N/A Download
AGR/Q0808 Hydroponics Technician N/A Download
AGR/Q0809 Gardener cum Nursery Raiser N/A Download
AGR/Q0810 Heritage Gardener N/A Download
AGR/Q0811 Horticulture Supervisor(Electives: Garden / Nursery / Turf) N/A Download
AGR/Q0901 Medicinal Plants Grower N/A Download
AGR/Q0902 Essential Oil Extractor N/A Download
AGR/Q1001 Green house fitter N/A Download
AGR/Q1003 Greenhouse Operator N/A Download
AGR/Q1004 Horticulturist- Protected Cultivation (Electives: Nursery/Vegetables/Flowers) N/A Download
AGR/Q1102 Harvesting Machine Operator N/A Download
AGR/Q1103 Power Tiller Operator_v2 N/A Download
AGR/Q1104 Irrigation Service Technician_v2 N/A Download
AGR/Q1105 Operator-Reaper, Thresher and Crop Residue Machinery_v2 N/A Download
AGR/Q1106 Service and Maintenance Technician-Farm Machinery_v2 N/A Download
AGR/Q1107 Agriculture Machinery Demonstrator N/A Download
AGR/Q1108 Tractor Mechanic N/A Download
AGR/Q1109 Farm Workshop Foreman / Supervisor_v2 N/A Download
AGR/Q1110 Farm Workshop/Service Manager N/A Download
AGR/Q1111 Agriculture Machinery Repair and Maintenance Service Provider_v2 N/A Download
AGR/Q1201 Organic Grower N/A Download
AGR/Q1202 Pesticide & Fertilizer Applicator_v2 Options: Agri drone operation N/A Download
AGR/Q1203 Vermicompost producer N/A Download
AGR/Q1204 Farm Worker N/A Download
AGR/Q1205 Farm Manager N/A Download
AGR/Q1206 Farm Supervisor N/A Download
AGR/Q4101 Dairy Farmer/ Entrepreneur N/A Download
AGR/Q4102 Dairy Worker N/A Download
AGR/Q4103 Dairy farm supervisor N/A Download
AGR/Q4201 Milk Procurement & Input Supervisor N/A Download
AGR/Q4202 Village Level Milk Collection Center Incharge N/A Download
AGR/Q4203 Milk Tester N/A Download
AGR/Q4204 Bulk Milk Cooler (BMC) Operator N/A Download
AGR/Q4205 Chilling Plant Technician N/A Download
AGR/Q4301 Broiler Farm supervisor N/A Download
AGR/Q4302 Broiler farm worker N/A Download
AGR/Q4303 Poultry Farm Manager N/A Download
AGR/Q4304 Poultry shed designer N/A Download
AGR/Q4305 Poultry feed, food safety and labeling supervisor N/A Download
AGR/Q4306 Small Poultry farmer N/A Download
AGR/Q4307 Layer Farm Worker N/A Download
AGR/Q4401 Hatchery Incharge - Poultry N/A Download
AGR/Q4402 Hatchery Operator N/A Download
AGR/Q4403 Chick Sexing and Grading Technician N/A Download
AGR/Q4501 Goat Farmer N/A Download
AGR/Q4502 Piggery Farmer N/A Download
AGR/Q4601 Canine Breeder N/A Download
AGR/Q4602 Canine Trainer and Handler N/A Download
AGR/Q4603 Companion Animal Groomer N/A Download
AGR/Q4604 Zoo Animal Keeper N/A Download
AGR/Q4605 Stray Animal Catcher N/A Download
AGR/Q4606 Laboratory Animal Attendant N/A Download
AGR/Q4701 Stud Farm Worker N/A Download
AGR/Q4702 Assistant Equine Breeder N/A Download
AGR/Q4703 Horse Trainer N/A Download
AGR/Q4704 Equine Farrier N/A Download
AGR/Q4705 Equine Groom N/A Download
AGR/Q4801 Veterinary Field Assistant N/A Download
AGR/Q4802 Veterinary Clinical Assistant N/A Download
AGR/Q4803 Artificial Insemination Technician N/A Download
AGR/Q4804 Animal Health Worker N/A Download
AGR/Q4903 Aquaculture technician N/A Download
AGR/Q4905 Freshwater aquaculture farmer N/A Download
AGR/Q4906 Brackishwater aquaculture farmer N/A Download
AGR/Q4908 Fish Seed Grower N/A Download
AGR/Q4909 Mariculture operator N/A Download
AGR/Q4910 Ornamental fish technician N/A Download
AGR/Q4911 Aquatic Animal Health Lab Assistant N/A Download
AGR/Q4912 Hatchery manager N/A Download
AGR/Q4913 Pearl culture technician N/A Download
AGR/Q4914 Cold water Aquaculture Farmer N/A Download
AGR/Q4915 Seaweed Cultivator N/A Download
AGR/Q4916 Cage Culture Fish Farmer N/A Download
AGR/Q5002 Fishing boat driver ( Small Mechanized vessels< 20 OAL) N/A Download
AGR/Q5004 Deep Sea Fisher N/A Download
AGR/Q5101 Fishing boat deckhand N/A Download
AGR/Q5102 Fishing boat maintenance worker N/A Download
AGR/Q5103 Fishing boat mechanic N/A Download
AGR/Q5104 Fish Retailer N/A Download
AGR/Q5105 Fishing Gear Technician N/A Download
AGR/Q5106 Fishing Equipment Technician (Electronics) N/A Download
AGR/Q5108 Aquarium Technician N/A Download
AGR/Q5109 Feed technician N/A Download
AGR/Q5201 Sericulturist N/A Download
AGR/Q5301 Beekeeper N/A Download
AGR/Q6101 Bamboo Grower N/A Download
AGR/Q6102 Non-Timber Forest Produce Collector N/A Download
AGR/Q6103 Forest Nursery Raiser N/A Download
AGR/Q6104 Timber Grower N/A Download
AGR/Q6105 Lac Cultivator N/A Download
AGR/Q6601 Watershed Community Mobilizer N/A Download
AGR/Q6602 Service Technician-Watershed N/A Download
AGR/Q6603 Watershed Consultant N/A Download
AGR/Q6604 Watershed Manager N/A Download
AGR/Q6605 Watershed Supervisor N/A Download
AGR/Q6606 Watershed Engineer N/A Download
AGR/Q7103 Seed Analysis In-charge N/A Download
AGR/Q7104 Seed processing plant technician N/A Download
AGR/Q7105 Seed plant production supervisor N/A Download
AGR/Q7501 Supply Chain Field Assistant N/A Download
AGR/Q7502 Warehouse Worker N/A Download
AGR/Q7503 Packhouse Worker N/A Download
AGR/Q7504 Ripening Chamber Operator N/A Download
AGR/Q7505 Cold Storage Supervisor N/A Download
AGR/Q7506 Cold storage Manager N/A Download
AGR/Q7507 Cold store Keeper N/A Download
AGR/Q7508 CA Store Technician/Operator N/A Download
AGR/Q7510 Agri Warehouse Supervisor N/A Download
AGR/Q7601 Agriculture Extension Service Provider N/A Download
AGR/Q7602 Agriculture Extension Executive N/A Download
AGR/Q7701 Agriculture Field Officer Download Download
AGR/Q7801 Bare Foot Technician Download Download
AGR/Q7802 Community Service Provider Download Download
AGR/Q7804 Agri Service Input Dealer Download Download
AGR/Q7805 Institution Development Manager Download Download
AGR/Q7806 Group Farming Practitioner Download Download
AGR/Q7807 Agri-Clinic & Agri-Business Centre Manager Download Download
AGR/Q7901 Agri Research Analyst Download Download
AGR/Q7902 Agri Commodity Quality Assayer Download Download
AGR/Q7903 Risk Analyst Manager-Agri Commodity Download Download
AGR/Q7904 Commodity Procurement Manager Download Download
AGR/Q7905 Electronic Trading Supervisor-Agri Commodity Download Download
AGR/Q7906 Commodity Account Manager Download Download
AGR/Q7907 Produce Mapping Surveyor Download Download
AGR/Q7908 Agri Commodity fumigation Operator Download Download
AGR/Q8101 Plant Tissue Culture Technician_v2 Download Download
AGR/Q8102 Soil & Water Testing Lab Assistant Download Download
AGR/Q8103 Soil & Water Testing Lab Analyst Download Download
Automotive Skills Development Council
Code Course Name Model Curriculum QPS Name
ASC/Q1001 Sales Consultant Level 4 Download Download
ASC/Q1003 Sales Consultant (Pre-owned Vehicles) N/A Download
ASC/Q1009 Sales Manager N/A Download
ASC/Q1103 Automotive Showroom Host_v2.0 Download Download
ASC/Q1105 Automotive Telecaller_v2.0 Download Download
ASC/Q1109 Sales/Service Trainer (Dealer) N/A Download
ASC/Q1401 Four Wheeler Service Assistant_v2 Download Download
ASC/Q1402 Four Wheeler Service Technician_v3 Download Download
ASC/Q1403 Four Wheeler Service Lead Technician _v2.0 Download Download
ASC/Q1407 Automotive Paint Repair Assistant_v2.0 Download Download
ASC/Q1408 Automotive Electrician_v2 Download Download
ASC/Q1409 Automotive Engine Repair Technician_2.0 Download Download
ASC/Q1411 Two Wheeler Service Technician_v2 Download Download
ASC/Q1413 Body Shop In-Charge N/A Download
ASC/Q1421 Automotive Washer_v1 Download Download
ASC/Q1422 Automotive Accessory Fitter- V1 Download Download
ASC/Q1423 Two Wheeler Service Assistant _v1 Download Download
ASC/Q1424 Electric Vehicle Service Lead Technician _v1.0 Download Download
ASC/Q1502 Spare Parts Operations Executive Level 5 N/A Download
ASC/Q1503 Spare Parts Operations Incharge N/A Download
ASC/Q1604 Warranty Incharge N/A Download
ASC/Q1606 Workshop Manager Download Download
ASC/Q3101 Automotive Welding Machine Assistant _v2.0 Download Download
ASC/Q3102 Welding Machine Operator (Manual and Robotics) V2 Download Download
ASC/Q3103 Automotive Welding Machine Technician _v2.0 Download Download
ASC/Q3501 Automotive Machining Operator - V2 Download Download
ASC/Q3502 Automotive Machining Assistant_v2.0 Download Download
ASC/Q3503 Automotive CNC Machining Technician_3.0 Download Download
ASC/Q3510 Automotive Conventional Machining Technician _v1.0 Download Download
ASC/Q3601 Automotive Assembly Technician Automotive V2 Download Download
ASC/Q3604 Automotive Assembly Operator_v1.0 Download Download
ASC/Q3605 Electric Vehicle Assembly Technician_v1.0 Download Download
ASC/Q4001 Tool Designer N/A Download
ASC/Q5101 Product Conceptualization Engineer N/A Download
ASC/Q6301 Automotive Quality Control Assistant _v2.0 Download Download
ASC/Q6402 Industrial Engineer (Workstation Design) N/A Download
ASC/Q6403 Industrial Engineer (Layout Design) N/A Download
ASC/Q6505 Manager-PLM( Product Lifecycle Management) N/A Download
ASC/Q6801 Manager Maintenance Mechanical & Electrical N/A Download
ASC/Q6802 Automotive Maintenance Technician- Mechanical _v2 Download Download
ASC/Q6803 Automotive Maintenance Technician- Electrical _v2.0 Download Download
ASC/Q6807 Automotive Automation Specialist _v2.0 Download Download
ASC/Q8103 Product Design Manager L7 N/A Download
ASC/Q8301 Prototyping Engineer N/A Download
ASC/Q8302 Prototyping Manager N/A Download
ASC/Q8401 Test Technician N/A Download
ASC/Q8403 Test Engineer- Product/Vehicle N/A Download
ASC/Q8405 Testing Manager N/A Download
ASC/Q8406 Electric Vehicle Test Engineer_v1.0 Download Download
Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council
Code Course Name Model Curriculum QPS Name
BWS/Q0604 Institute Technical Head N/A Download
BWS/Q0701 Assistant Tattoo artist N/A Download
BWS/Q4001 Assistant Beauty Wellness Consultant (Version 2) N/A Download
BFSI Sector Skill Council Of India
Code Course Name Model Curriculum QPS Name
BSC/Q8101 Accounts Executive_v2 Download Download
Capital Goods Skill Council
Code Course Name Model Curriculum QPS Name